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Find out If There Is Anything an Air Conditioning Repair Service Provider Can Do to Revive Your AC Unit

Like all electrical devices, AC systems have a limited lifespan. Depending on the type of the unit and how good it was maintained, the lifespan can range from five to twenty years. As you see, there’s a very big difference between well maintained air conditioning system and a poorly maintained one. However, a day will come when you will have to change it no matter what. Understanding when that day is may pose a challenge for many owners. That’s why we prepared a guide for those of you who suspect that their AC units may need to be replaced.

High Energy Bills
The first sign of an outdated, poorly maintained, and overall expired AC unit is the presence of high energy bills. However, before you jump to conclusions, make sure that filters are replaced, coils are cleaned, and the refrigerant level is normal. If all this checks out and your unit is still consuming more energy than usual, then it may be time for a replacement.

Frequent and More Expensive Repairs
If the air conditioning repair service of this years is much more expensive than last year, then it may be time for a new unit. Keeping on repairing an old and problematic air conditioner is not a very economical option. Although the price for a new unit is higher than the repair service, it is definitely an investment that will pay off in time.

Major Problems
There are a few common AC problems that are definitely not worth fixing. For instance, a fried motherboard is definitely a good reason to start thinking about buying a new AC. The price of this component along with the labor can easily reach the cost of a new unit, so it is definitely not a very smart option.

Before you make the decision to purchase a new AC, we suggest you consult a professional air conditioning repair service provider. An honest contractor will tell you whether you should keep on repairing your old air conditioner or it’s time for a new one.

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