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Are There Any Heating and Cooling Service Providers That You Should Be Wary About?

If you’re asking yourself this question, then perhaps you haven’t been scammed by someone pretending to be an AC contractor. In that case, it may be time for you to learn a thing or two about the ways scam artists trick people into paying more. To be clear, the answer to the question in the title is “Yes”. There are companies that one must keep a distance from, and we are going to help you recognize them easier.

The first thing a heating and cooling service provider must show you is a license or a certificate that allows him to practice this profession. If you choose to hire a friend or a local contractor that isn’t properly registered or anything, then you are taking a huge risk. If that contractor makes a mistakes and damage your AC unit, your electrical system, or your home, you can’t really hold them accountable for that damage. So, if someone comes by and offers you their services in HVAC repairs but don’t have a license, don’t hire them.

Also, don’t forget to always ask for a binding estimate. That is a final estimate. Once the contractor sees the problem and tells you how much it’s going to cost, they can’t change the price. Usually, this is what scam artists do. They lure customers with cheap prices. Then they get to work and demand more money for spare parts. Gradually, your bill gets pumped up, and you end up paying double.

It pays to look closely at your contractors. If the company’s logo on their work clothes don’t match the company logo on the side of their truck, then you should be at least a little suspicious. Also, if they don’t answer their phones with the company name, that’s another reason for suspicion. Some scam artists choose to pose as another company and pretend to be specialists. They are likely to use different phones and look a bit off, so we suggest you make sure you’re calling a certified professional before making any deals.

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